Pickit and Packit was set up in 2004 as a family business, our aim was to enhance the traditional warehousing experience with a new focus on customer relationship building and additional services aimed at eCommerce and wholesale customers. In more than 15 years of successful operations, the business has seen its customer base develop, and now has regular clients from across the world and more than half a dozen distinct industry sectors.  We work closely with our clients listening to their needs and changing with them.

What can we do for you?

  1. Wholesale orders
  2. e-commerce orders
  3. on-line Inventory and order system
  4. Contract packing
  5. Gift packing
  6. Quality Control
  7. Shrink wrapping
  8. Point of sale material
  9. Storage
  10. Gift wrapping service
  11. Personalisation service
  12. Same day courier service

At the heart of Britain’s Motorway Network.

Pickit and Packit’s base is a 40,000 Sq Ft warehouse facility in Burton-on-Trent. The location is ideal for serving customers anywhere in the country, placing it within easy reach of the M1, M6 and adjoining motorway network. The facility has recently been expanded to include a modern cleanroom fitted out for the company’s growing base of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry clients. The cleanroom provides a sterile environment for storage, handling and processing orders.

A word from the Directors

The heart of the company’s business philosophy is efficient service and personalised customer service.

“Warehousing has changed. The needs of eCommerce mean we need to be more pro-active and flexible in the services we offer, meeting our clients on their own terms and enabling them to provide a fantastic service to their own customers. By actively engaging with our customers we aim to provide effective fulfilment services that are closely tailored to their needs. This is why we have expanded the services we provide and the options available to our clients.”

Meet the Team

Beth Lawson [Director]. Along with her husband, Paul works together to strive for excellent customer service. Beth is a former fleet manager so recognises the importance to deliver on peoples expectations and is a firm believer that being a family business it is our personal obligation to make sure things happen when we say they will and to the highest standards.

Amanda Kite [Sales Director]. Amanda has worked for Pickit and Packit for more than seven years and oversees all the company’s contract packing and fulfilment services. She has many years of experience within the industry and makes it her business to ensure the highest standards of customer satisfaction are met on every project the company undertakes.

Find Out More

Are you looking for warehousing, contract packing or order fulfilment partner for both wholesale and eCommerce orders in the UK? Send the Customer Management Team a message through the website and request a call back to request more information about Pickit and Packit’s fulfilment services.