At Pickit and Packit we provide a flexible warehousing, contract packing and fulfilment service to meet the needs of customers from a variety of industries. We operate a large storage and handling facility in Burton on Trent that allows secure processing and packing areas for a wide variety of products. We offer our customers up to 40,000ft.² of storage and processing space, including a modern, fully fitted clean-room for industries where hygiene and temperature control is crucial.

The following are a selection of the industries we regularly work with. For more information on specific services for each sector, please follow the links below:

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E-commerce and Wholesale

For online retail and wholesale customers of all sizes, we offer discreet and affordable warehouse storage that can adapt with you. We also offer a range of shipping packages, guaranteeing swift dispatch to customers.

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We are proud to offer our quality services to the evolving brewing industry, from large established companies to smaller breweries. We offer a quick in and out process for all of your contract packing needs.


For customers selling cosmetic and beauty products, whether as a supplier to other business or direct to end users, we offer a tailored storage and handling service to suit the specific needs of your industry.



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Our facility includes storage and processing options for DIY retailers and wholesalers. Our contract packing options are tailored for businesses of all sizes, and include storage and processing of large items.


For small publishers, book retailers and print on demand businesses, we offer a fast and efficient packing service, delivering your products to your end-users in a timely manner.

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We work with businesses of any size that requires high quality, affordable packing services. For a bespoke quote or to find out more, give our friendly team a call on 01283 569 269, or send us an email at [email protected]