Shrink Wrapping

With a wide range of equipment used on a daily basis, shrink wrapping is a core service that we provide to our clients. Our portfolio consists of both semi and fully automatic machines with a range of sealing bed sizes that can accommodate most requirements from single items to cases of product, finished to provide the best possible presentation to the customer.

Our standard material is 15 micron Polyolefin heat shrink film which has an extremely high clarity, making it the perfect choice for point of sale packaging. It is environmentally friendly compared to PVC shrink film, and can be processed through standard recycling systems. Polyolefin shrink wrap film is high strength, food safe and available in widths from 300mm to 500mm with centrefold.

Case Wrapping

For bulk cash and carry style packs of bottles, cans, jars etc where the wrap is required to give the unit strength and well as good visibility, we have case wrapping equipment which utilises heavy duty polythene film. Again this is a key part of our daily service to clients in the brewing industry.