iStock ZebraE-Commerce fulfilment is VERY different to warehousing and requires a specialist knowledge and skills set.

Pickit and Packit is a part of the Merico group. Our sister Company Mighty Zebra, is a specialist division of Merico who deals entirely with e-Commerce fulfilment companies.

E-Commerce is the phenomena of the 21st Century and is one of the only growth industries throughout the countries recession. Offering the entrepreneur a global audience and unlimited growth and dominance potential.

Of course we are not the only company to recognise the potential with working alongside the e-Commerce industry, however there is a real danger attached to companies who do not specialise in this field and attempt to adapt a traditional pick and pack service to the demands of the customer.

Fulfilment, stock control, returns handling and courier selection are key. And regardless of the quality and diversity of your product, if this part is not completed with professionalism and attention then the chance of retaining a customer dramatically diminishes.

Mighty Zebra has intelligent software behind its front line service of order handling. The software which is cloud based will allow multi channel sales and orders to be collated in one screen. This will manage listing and stock availability across multiple channels and multiple accounts within the same channels. It will give live updates to you and your customers as to the status of an order and the availability of stock lines.


iStock Forklift 1 With a specific no fuss returns handling process and a dedicated account manager regardless of size, Mighty Zebra is already an industry leader.

Of course there are many more benefits of dealing with the pink zebra but possibly our biggest feature is a PAY-AS-YOU-GO pricing policy. This means that all of your storage, handling, packing and courier costs are built into one single order handling rate, meaning you only ever have a cost for your warehousing and fulfilment once a sale has been made. Completely risk free.When you become a Mighty Zebra Customer you get so much more support than simply fulfilling orders.


Here is a snapshot of what else we have to offer:

  • Listings Management
  • Overstock selling
  • Brokerage of flash selling deals with major retailers
  • Access to discounts from shipping agents
  • Discounted courier rates with next day delivery available from £2.45
  • Next day shipping on all orders received by 5pm