Whether you own your own warehouse facility, are a new or sole trader, an existing 3pl provider or require e-commerce fulfilment, our specialists can help. We at Pickit and Packit have decades of fulfilment experience, gained by understanding the challenges our clients face.shutterstock_248926984

We Make Outsourcing a Reality

When you own a warehouse, the drains on cost are constant, even with large sales volumes. There are staffing, maintenance and insurance costs, not to mention rent and business rates to pay. These fixed and permanent costs can make outsourcing seem like an impossible dream; after all, how can you possibly fulfil your orders as well without your own staff or facility?

With Pickit and Packit, there’s no complicated pricing structure; you always know what you’re paying. You remain in control of all aspects of your order fulfilment, without the worry of minimum or maximum quantities, storage fees or being limited to shipping methods.

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No Worries for New, Sole or E-commerce Traders

Selling anything these days, whether it’s through a site like Amazon or your own web site can be a beautiful thing. But it can also be a hassle when you are your own dispatch service. All of that running to the post office to ensure timely dispatch can seem a lot of work just to keep your stellar rating as a seller. Not to mention that it leaves very little room for developing your business and exploring new suppliers and product lines.

But when you have the time to concentrate on growing your venture with a service like Pickit and Packit, the only limit is your imagination. Our cloud-based system has all of the tools you need for efficient and timely order management. Plus, we offer free training and support. All you have to do is send your orders out, and we do the rest.

We know the different between e-commerce fulfilment and warehousing. Our team at Pickit and Packit does not adapt traditional pick and pack fulfilment processes to the demands of e-commerce. Instead, we employ intelligent, cloud-based software capable of managing listings and stock availability across multiple channels.

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You’re our most important Client

We could be just your outsource provider, but we’d rather think of ourselves as an extension of your business. At Pickit and Packit, we go beyond providing service and really get to know your company, products and stock. We work for you, and most importantly, with you to ensure that all of your products are picked and shipped just when you need them to be, with the same care that you’d take with them.

The clients who benefit from our services are located in the food, book, brewery, sweets and hosiery industries, to name but a few. We look forward to speaking with you about how our pick and pack fulfilment services can benefit your business as well. Contact us on 01283 569269 or email us on [email protected].